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Alfresco Grill Overview

The Alfresco Grill Advantage

Started over 20 years ago by a founder of Lynx Grills, Alfresco produces what is arguably the best premium gas grill in the United States.  Alfresco grills and their accessories are all produced under one roof in City of Industry, California and offer features that are not available in most other premium gas grills that are built in the United States. Whether you are putting together an outdoor kitchen or just need one grill for your yard, Alfresco offers a solution for every griller. 

  • Crafted under one roof in California
  • Built to commercial-grade specs and integrity 
  • Offers full-line of components for extensive outdoor kitchen 


Wide Selection of Grill Sizes for Every Need


Alfresco offers a wide array of grill sizes - 30", 36", 42" and 56". Each of these grills has different styles within the size, thus multiplying the grill offerings. Alfresco also has unique features built within the grill which will prolong the life of the grill.

  • Each grill offers an option for an infrared sear burner
  • An exclusive natural air-cooling plenum draws in ambient air through front, thus cooling the control board
  • Igniters and wiring are coated in silicone sleeves which are heat-resistant up to 600 degrees. 
  • Hidden/Integrated chain driven rotisserie  is whisper quiet and will handle up to 120 lbs.

Solid Fuel Insert

Cook With Fire. 

For those who want to take their outdoor cooking beyond the norm.  The Alfresco solid fuel insert allows you to cook with wood or charcoal, imparting mind-bending flavor to food. 

  • Solid fuel insert is large enough to create 2 separate cooking zones
  • Ignite with gas burner and in less than 10 minutes cook with solid fuel
  • Our recommendation: use Solid fuel insert instead of infrared sear burner for more flexibility

Grill Inserts

Steam, Fry, Roast or Griddle With Accessories

Alfresco offers the widest array of cooking accessories for your grill. 

  • Steam or fry with the steamer/fryer/pasta insert
  • Cook with fire with the solid fuel insert
  • Use your grill as an oven slow-roaster with the indirect roasting pod
  • Use the commercial-grade griddle to make blue-ribbon burgers, fajitas or breakfast

The Refrigerator


If you want maximum space in your outdoor refrigerator then snatch the Alfresco URS-1XE which at 7.2 cu ft is the largest refrigerator for outdoor use. 

The URS-1XE offers: 

  • Built on commercial platform 
  • Gigantic capacity at 7.2 cu ft
  • All stainless construction both inside and out
  • Easily converts into a keggerator with purchase of beer dispensing kit 

Outdoor Kitchens & Must-Haves

One of the advantages of going with an Alfresco-focused outdoor kitchen is that it offers more products that are built from a commercial platform than any other outdoor brand. Here are some samples of Alfresco outdoor kitchens and a variety of must-haves to finish your outdoor kitchen:

  • Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen - Pelham Manor, NY
  • 36" or 42" dry storage pantry is tightly sealed and offers smooth roll-shelves for storing tools or food
  • 30" storage drawer is great for placement under a smoker or the versa power burner
  • Combination paper towel holder/3-drawer storage system is an efficient usage of space
  • 24" VersaPower burner puts out over 60,000 BTUs  n 
Senor Smoke is the resident outdoor cooking and lifestyle expert at Curto's. He loves to help with the design of your outdoor space or assisting with purchasing the right grill for you. 
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