Will Your Next Grill be a Lynx?


Are You Considering a Lynx Grill or Lynx Outdoor Kitchen?

If you are upgrading your freestanding gas grill or planning an outdoor kitchen, then you need to consider Lynx grills. Aside from their rugged build, innovative features and wide breadth of accessories, Lynx grills: 

  • Made in USA
  • #1 Selling Premium Gas Grill 
  • Offer Best in Class Warranty
  • Offer Versatile Sear Burner
  • Feature a Spring-Assist Hood Makes Grilling Easy 
  • Offers largest selection of outdoor kitchen components


Lynx Freestanding Grills

Lynx Grill Sizes

If you are looking to buy a grill on a cart, Lynx has several different sizes: 27", 30", 36", 42" or 54". Each grill has various configurations: You can do an all-infrared grill using Lynx' vaunted Trident burners, or grills that combine their Trident burner with new ceramic burners that are being released in April 2018. 

Other Lynx Freestanding Grill Features: 

  • Carts and Grills are Made in USA
  • All Grills Can Offer a Rotisserie
  • 54" and 42" Grills Ship With Drawers on Carts 

Lynx Built-In Grills

Lynx Grills Make Great Outdoor Kitchens

Your outdoor kitchen may have many different components - refrigerator, icemaker, sinks, doors and drawers. Yet there is no denying that the grill is the center piece of any outdoor cooking space and nothing may look better than a Lynx. The Lynx built in visual appeal is due to: 

  • Innovative blue LED control lights
  • Fluid rotation handle
  • Polished caps on handle
  • Optional design service to help plot your outdoor space. .                                                                          .

Lynx Burners

A First: Lynx Ceramic Burners

In the spirit of innovation which has always been a Lynx hallmark, in 2018 Lynx will be introducing the first ceramic burners for a gas premium grill. According to Lynx, the ceramic burners have several advantages over a metal burner: .

  • Easier to Clean
  • Will Hold Better to High Heat
  • Will Protect Flame Ports Against Drippings


Industry Exclusive: Lynx Trident Infrared Burner

While most premium gas grills now offer an infrared burner, Lynx is the only manufacturer to offer one with variable temperature control. Instead of being locked in to only cooking at a searing high temperature, the Lynx Trident infrared burner allows you to cook at temperatures between 300 to over 1000 degrees. 

  • Lifetime warranty on Trident burner
  • Pitchfork shape promotes more even temperatures
  • Puts out 23,000 BTUs

Sedona by Lynx Grills

Lynx Sedona Grills  - Luxury on a Budget


In 2013 Lynx introduced the Sedona by Lynx series of grills in order to offer Lynx quality to a wider spectrum of customers. The Sedona series brings the same quality and focus on customer needs that Lynx is famous for, but at a lower price point. In this blog post, we compare the Lynx Sedona vs Professional series of grills. 

The Sedona series offers: 

  • Sizes from 24" to 42" in width
  • ProSear infrared burners
  • 18SR stainless burners (as of 2018)
  • Ceramic briquettes for even heat spread
  • Welded construction
  • Full series of accessories to create outdoor kitchen

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